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Behavioral Health Urgent Care

The Nord Center’s Behavioral Health Urgent Care offers improved access to care by ensuring community members struggling with mental health needs are seen promptly in a location meant to immediately address the urgent behavioral health needs of any person.

Weekday, walk-in, urgent mental healthcare in Sheffield

As part of its comprehensive, behavioral healthcare services, The Nord Center offers care to Adults, 18 years of age on a walk-in basis at our 5425 Detroit Road location. Effective January 8, 2024, The Nord Center BHUC also now offers services for clients 12 years old and older. 

For these services:

  • a parent/guardian and youth must both be present for the entire appointment
  • custody paperwork is required unless both parents are present
  • for multiple children, each will go through the process individually
Prompt Mental Health Care

Our team of behavioral health professionals will provide a prompt assessment and help you to address your immediate needs and to formulate a plan for what your next steps should be. Your visit will take longer than one hour plus wait time, depending on the number of people ahead of you.

Please bring with you: your medication list, insurance card and identification

BHUC does not:

  • perform medical assessments, physical examinations, or diagnostic tests; however, referrals can be made to primary care services.
  • provide evaluations or documentation needed for legal matters.
  • provide testing for ADHD. We will refer you elsewhere.
  • prescribe controlled substances
  • keep medication on site
  • complete FMLA paperwork

Walk-in M - F 9:00AM to 4:30PM

5425 Detroit Rd Sheffield OH 44054

Questions, call now 800-888-6161
Walk In When

• Your regular mental health provider can’t see you right away.
• You have concerns regarding your mental health medication.
• You are feeling anxious, depressed, agitated or concerned including more irritable or angry than
is usual for you.
• You are experiencing significant changes in sleeping or eating habits.
• You are seeing or hearing things; overusing substances; or thinking about suicide.

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What is Behavioral Health Urgent Care?

In simple terms, the Behavioral Health Urgent Care (BHUC) model is designed to help people with behavioral health issues get the right care quickly. It’s based on the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) model.

Here’s how it works: The BHUC serves as a place where people can go for help with their mental health or substance abuse issues. It’s staffed by trained professionals who can assess their needs and provide the right care, whether it’s immediate crisis help or ongoing support.

The goal is to prevent unnecessary hospital visits by offering the right care at the right time. This saves resources and helps people get better outcomes.

At the BHUC, we do a few things: we assess people’s needs, manage any crises, and coordinate ongoing care. We have a team of different professionals, like counselors and nurses, working together to make sure everyone gets the help they need.