The Nord Pharmacy

It’s now faster, easier, and more convenient than ever to fill all of your prescriptions with The Nord Center’s on-site pharmacy. The pharmacy is open Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 5:00PM.

The Nord Center’s Pharmacy provides convenience and greater coordination of care for our clients.  Our pharmacy is a full service pharmacy, meaning you can fill all of your medications at The Nord Center, including those prescribed by your primary care physician and/or other outside providers.  Specializing in mental health, our pharmacy staff will review and monitor your prescribed medications, offering insight into side effects and potential drug interaction with other medications.


We offer:

  • Personal, confidential services
  • Convenient, on-site fulfillment of your prescriptions following your appointment
  • Easy transfer of your prescriptions to The Nord Center’s Pharmacy
  • No cost mailing service for approved medications
  • Discount plan available for uninsured patients to help reduce out-of-pocket expenses
  • As a closed-door pharmacy, services are available only to clients and staff.
How to get your prescription filled by us

Prescriptions may be called into the pharmacy, presented in person, or submitted electronically by your doctor. Refills may be requested by calling the pharmacy at 440-204-4307.

Compliance Packaging

The Nord Center offers ways to help you take your medication correctly. This includes all the medications you may be taking from both doctors inside and outside The Nord Center. We do this by putting your medications by day and time of day into a blister pack that allows you to easily know exactly what you need to take when. There is no charge for this service. Medication is pre-labeled and pre-organized for each week.

One-stop Pharmacy for All Your Prescriptions

You can have any prescriptions dispensed at The Nord Center pharmacy whether prescribed by a provider at Nord Center or elsewhere. Please discuss the advantages of utilizing The Nord Center’s Pharmacy with your primary care physician and/or other outside providers.

To transfer your prescriptions to The Nord Center’s Pharmacy, simply let us know you would like to transfer and which pharmacy they are currently at. We will coordinate with the other pharmacy to have your prescriptions transferred.

Prior Authorization Assistance

For medications you receive that are prescribed by Nord Center providers, The Nord Center Pharmacy is able to work directly with your doctor to have any additional paperwork completed that your insurance company requires.