Refer a Client

In surveying why people seek services at The Nord Center, we have learned that it is often the encouragement of someone a client trusts that gets them in the door. Friends, family and service providers may have insight into someone’s needs and challenges that current circumstances to not permit the person themselves to have.

Because a fundamental tenet at Nord Center is that the person receiving services must consent to receive them it is best if the person themselves contacts us to start services.

The only exception to this would be for emergency crisis services. In the event that a person may be a danger to themselves or others, concerned professionals, family members or friends are encouraged to call our 24/7 crisis line at 800-888-6161 and our trained crisis clinicians will determine the appropriate course of action.

If you need a consultation regarding how to approach a prospective client given the circumstances, you can also utilize our hotline 800-888-6161 for this purpose. To discuss any case specifically we would require a signed release, however, we can strategize with you based on the information you provide.