Residential Services utilizes an approach based on the recovery model. The focus is maximizing each consumer’s strength, assessing his or her risks and supporting each individual’s process of stabilization. This includes assisting the consumer’s progress towards reaching treatment goals and returning to the least restrictive environment possible. The Residential Support Program offers an array of safe, affordable, accessible and acceptable housing options to those who would benefit from living in a supportive consumer-centered environment. The program also offers services to the homeless and support to those facing eviction and or foreclosure throughout Lorain County.

For more information contact residential services at 440.204.4339

Adult Group Homes

Referrals are made by the Community Support Teams.

Eligible are those that are suffering from a severe and persistent mental illness and meet the protective level of care as defined by the Department of Health. The average length of stay is one to two years.


Elmcrest is a small apartment building owned and operated by The Nord Center. Eligible are those suffering from a severe and persistent mental illness who need periodic support with medication monitoring and developing or maintaining independent living skills. Residents have their own apartment and receive moderate support from staff. The referral is made by the Community Support Team. This is permanent housing.

Lakeview Supportive Services

Lakeview Supportive Housing Program encompasses 48 one-bedroom units spread over three floors of a 200 unit apartment complex owned by Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority. The program serves a minimum of 48 individuals each year.

Staff provides:

  • 24/7 support to residents of the program
  • Health and medication monitoring and support, up to three times a day
  • On-site nursing support
  • Transportation/escort round trips for medical and health related needs
  • Advocacy in obtaining quality care
  • Regular socialization and recreational activities
  • Referrals are made by the Community Support Team. Eligible those that meet Lorain Metropolitan Housing guidelines for permanent housing and would benefit from Permanent Supportive Housing.

Men's Gateway Residence

The Gateway Facility in Elyria is a 24-hour supported residential facility operated by The Nord Center and can house up to 10 adult men who have been diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness along with a concurrent substance use disorder.Residents may live in the Center’s 10 efficiency apartments for up to a year while developing independent living skills. Recovering males may participate in intensive counseling, group therapy, abstinence-based treatment and employment. By being supportive of each other and encouraging of their mutual goals, each client has the opportunity of sharing his own recovery process in a manner that may benefit another resident of Gateway. Referrals are made by the Community Support Team.

Scattered Sites

This is a collaborative effort with New Sunrise Properties. New Sunrise Properties owns and operates 12 individual scattered sites with The Nord Center providing supportive services. Referral criteria are that consumers have to meet guidelines set forth by New Sunrise Properties and must be in need of intermittent supportive services in order to maintain their apartment.This is permanent housing.

Shelter Plus Care

Shelter Plus Care is a program designed to provide housing and supportive services on a long-term basis for homeless persons with disabilities, (primarily those with serious mental illness, chronic problems with alcohol and/or drugs, and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) or related diseases and their families who are living in places not intended for human habitation (e.g. streets) or in emergency shelter.

Shelter Plus Care has three program goals: 1. Increase housing stability; 2. Increase skills (education/training) and/or income; and 3. Obtain greater self-sufficiency.

Women's MICA House

We are happy to announce that a much needed site for women in recovery from coexisting mental health and substance abuse disorders is now in full operation. This eight-apartment permanent housing facility will provide a safe, sober, supportive living environment appropriate to the special needs of consumers who live there. Live-in peer support persons will provide daily monitoring and helpful social interaction with residents.

Referral is made by the Community Support Team.

Housing Assistance Program

Referrals are made by the Community Support Teams for the Housing Assistance Program (HAP). Eligible are those individuals suffering from a severe and persistent mental illness who are linked with an eligible local mental health center. HAP is a temporary subsidy to assist persons to obtain and maintain permanent housing. All persons entering the HAP program are expected to develop a plan to exit HAP as soon as possible.


If your plan is to get a job, then you must be active in your job search. You will need to apply for jobs, go on interviews, and demonstrate an attempt to work. If you get a job, but lose it, you can be placed on HAP again. Also, you would not lose your HAP funds until you had worked for 3 months at an income level that would end your HAP assistance.

Social Security

If your plan is to get Social Security Benefits, then you must apply and, if necessary, appeal. However, if you are continuously denied, you need to develop another plan to move toward independence. Agency staff are available to assist with planning.

Section 8

If your plan is for Section 8, then you are expected to apply for Section 8, submit all required paperwork, and keep all appointments. You must use the Voucher once it becomes available. If you do not do these things, your HAP will most likely end. Exceptions will be considered if you are in the hospital or when other extreme circumstances apply.

Property Inspections

In order to keep your HAP Subsidy, you must also agree to have inspections of your property. This is to ensure that the housing is safe, decent, and affordable.

These inspections will only happen prior to your moving into an apartment and once a year after the first inspection unless there are problems with your place. You will be notified by mail of the time and date of inspection. If there are problems, your Landlord will be given an additional 30 days to repair them and then an Inspector will come back to make sure the repairs have been completed. If the Landlord does not complete the repairs, then you can use your HAP to pay for rent at another place. HAP can be transferred to another site as long as the HAP Administrator is notified. She should also be notified when there is a change in your income.

It is important to remember that HAP is considered temporary assistance to obtain housing that will, hopefully, be permanent.

Mens Gateway

Mens Gateway







Scattered sites

Scattered sites

STEPDOWN - Adult Group Home

STEPDOWN – Adult Group Home

TOLEDO - Adult Group Home

TOLEDO – Adult Group Home