Nord Center Receives Donation Proceeds of August Goggins Challenge Event

Nord Center staff accept donation checkOn October 4, 2022, The Nord Center received a donation of over $12,900 from Bret Buike. This amount represents half the proceeds raised from 133 individual contributions during a David Goggins Challenge athletic event the weekend of August 27 and 28. The other half of the proceeds benefitted Recovery Resources in Cleveland.

This was the second year of the event, staged by Mr. Buike with the support of Bob Laughton, which raises money for and awareness of drug and alcohol addiction, Veterans mental health issues and suicide. Both of the organizers have lost friends and family to these diseases, most notably, Mr. Buike’s sister-in-law Kate Holton, who died 12 years ago of an overdose. Mr. Laughton lost three long-time childhood friends.

A David Goggins Challenge is an athletic feat in which participants run 4 miles every 4 hours over 48 hours. Mr. Buike and other supporters also recorded themselves doing 22 push-ups throughout the challenge to raising awareness of the distressing statistic that 22 veterans die by suicide each day.

Mr. Buike plans to continue doing similar events to continue to raise awareness and support for these causes. If you would like to support The Nord Center, you can donate any time at

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