The Nord Center provides hope and healing to thousands of Lorain County children, teens and adults struggling with mental illness, depression, anxiety, addiction and other mental health disorders each year. We appreciate our clients and the trust they put in our agency. Here is what some of them have told us about their experiences with The Nord Center.

“The Nord Center has been in my life since I was a teenager. Abused as a child and being an alcoholic has kept my life in turmoil … The Nord Center staff has given me the tools I have needed to overcome my depression and alcoholism at the time in my life when I needed help the most … I am not as afraid of life and I don’t have to walk in fear as I used to. I would recommend The Nord Center to people who suffer from a dual diagnosis as I do for it may save their life.” ~ Brenda B.

“I don’t know what I would do without The Nord Center. It’s been a very BIG part in my life. Thank you for all the help.” ~KB

Due to Nord’s help, I have overcome tremendous fear of daily human activities. Also I have pursued a hobby that involves public acceptance. Thanks much. ~ CB

 “Your services are being very helpful to me because I have been very depressed, have had a lot of anxiety and bi-polar and panic attacks and also I have had a lot of trouble sleeping. Thank you for your help.” ~ DS

This is in regards to the care and compassion that has been shown to my loved ones, brother WD and sister CD for close to 30 years. The Nord Center has provided excellent, clinically sound, and compassionate care which continues to identify it as one of the best Mental/Behavioral Health Centers in the state … Nord, through its dedicated and caring staff, have assisted my loved ones to advance well into their 70’s while given the morbidity and mortality of the severely mentally disabled, along with the growing medical issues of the aging, this could not have been accomplished without solid clinical skills, strong intervention, immediate assessments, and total comprehensive care. Not only has the Center provided a complete service delivery, they have also provided a caring family to my loved ones. The mental health profession is somewhat of a “thankless” profession and at this time, I would like to say, “thank you”.” ~ Pat D

 “I want to commend The Nord Center and Lauren Cieslak, the art therapist, for instituting the art therapy program for us clients in services at Nord. My own experience as a ‘charter member,’ so-to-speak, was most enjoyable and enlightening as I explored my ongoing journey of recovery from mental illness in new ways, through artistic mediums… I’m hopeful The Nord Center will continue the program for all of us – I’ve heard and witnessed the positive that has come out of if for all participants as we explore our emotions, our hearts and minds, and touch on our physical well-being, which goes hand-in-hand.” – H. G. Henderson