Eric Morse
Executive Director


Melissa Beck
Director of Finance

Anna Colwell
Director of Supported Employment

Kelly Camlin
Director of Residential Services


Franca Curci-Winiasz
Clients Rights Officer

Amanda Divis
Coordinator of Child & Adolescent
Services (CAS)

Sharon Franklin
Coordinator of Clinical Services, Africancentric & SAMI (Substance Abuse & Mental Illness)


Laura Gleason
Director of Human Resources

Dorena Gilchrist
Director of Emergency Stabilization
Services (ESS)

Roseann Harper
Coordinator of Partial Hospitalization


Jack Holt
Director of Information Services

Judy Hyde
Director of CPST Services

Salma Jarrouj


Rebecca Jones
Director of Adult Behavioral Health Services

Betsey Kamm
Director of Institutional Advancement

Melissa Mack
Adult Counseling Coordinator


Kathryn Maimone
Coordinator of Clinical Services

Rebecca Opel
Sexual Assault Services Coordinator

Philip Payne
Coordinator of Residential Services


Theresa Polly
Billing Services Supervisor

Michael Rivera
Facilities and Maintenance Manager

Brooke Sherman
Coordinator of Emergency Stabilization Services (ESS)


Joyce Wasela
Senior Executive Assistant

Angelia Worley
Entry Services Coordinator

Tina Zimmerman
Director of Continuous Quality Improvement